Huumaann Edit

Huumaann is the Human that have the soul DETERMINATION. She/He is the 7th Human that falls into the Underground. Huumaann is the Main Character and the Character that the Player is controlling. Her/His soul is the only one that can reset, erase and continue Timelines. Players, that doesn't played/finished the Game are thinking at the start that 'Huumaann' is just a Name Template and they can decide what the Name should be. But in real, they decide the Name of the 1st Human that fall into the Underground ; Other Huumaann.

Data Edit

Name: Huumaann


Live before falling into the Underground: MT. EBOTT in 201X.

Age : Kid (7-12)

Hair : Rainbow

Eyes: Unknown

Clothes: Blue and Purple

Special Ability: DETERMINATION